Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Cold, It's Snowy and it's Almost Christmas.

Just got back from walking Ruby (our dog, not my Aunt). It's very wintry today. Strong winds make the -12 degrees seem more like -20º.  We ran a bit then on the way back I noticed that many more of my neighbours seemed to have been tapped by the Christmas Fairy.

Cascading mini lights seem to be the thing this year and big balls still hang in front of several doors.  Not surprising given the cold, the majority were blue.  While I love twinkle, I'm a bit of a traditionalist.  My front door wouldn't look out of place on a Judy Garland Christmas Special set.  And don't get me started on blue lights.  While I agree with my friend, Brian that they're mesmerizing, I also find that they are depressing. I don't need "depressing" at Christmas. I barely hang on to my sanity as it is.

Today's song choice reflects the cold and snow, but with a bit of a beat to warm things up.


  1. Bahahahah! 'Blue Balls' . very funny!
    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree about the blue lights. Each time i see them, i hear the Charlie brown xmas song- you kow the one....the depressing, yet cozy one?!
    As for hanging onto our sanities during the HOlidays, please do let me know when you figure out how one does that!
    in the meantime, merry Christmas Mr. 'Ray in the Life'...know that you bring rays of sunshine into MY life all the time....
    mmmmmwwwwah! xoFanny

  2. Your favorite Brother-in-law16/12/10 12:21

    Blue Balls... Hehehe... welcome to married life!

    I agree with you regarding the blue lights, but being a republican/conservative/redneck, I must also add that I hate all LED lights: not only because they supposedly environmentally-friendly, but they're dull! I'm keeping my parents' hand-me-down incandescent energy gobbling lights! David Suzuki can pry them from my dead frozen hands!

    Merry Christmas!


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