Monday, December 13, 2010

Don't Get Drunk This Christmas!

Well, it's another, blue Monday Christmas song day.  Today's choices are songs that speak to the kinds of experiences I and many others unfortunately lived through as a kid.  

I know that I told you all about the magic of being mesmerized by Christmas tree lights and music.  And that is a big part of the memories that I hold on to.

The other part is hiding in my room with the pillow over my head trying to block out the noise from the fighting downstairs. Or, leaving the house altogether and walking around the mercifully silent streets looking at the beautifully decorated houses -  imagining what it would be like to live in one of them.

I didn't understand what it was about Christmas that caused grownups to get so pissed (as in drunk and "off").  Maybe it was the combination of the looser inhibitions that come with booze with the sentimentality of the holidays.  

It seemed that it was impossible to be happy for any length of time without it dissolving into a ugly soul baring rage.  Perhaps that rage was always there and only needed the coerced joviality of Christmas to fuel it?

All I know is that despite that, I choose to remember my dream Christmases and while the "nightmare" Christmases sucked, they have long ceased to scare me.

You "Grinches" out there should enjoy this...

"Please, Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas" is best known for the John Denver version. But I prefer Alan Jackson's.
"Please Daddy don't get drunk this Christmas
I don't want to see my Momma cry
Please Daddy don't get drunk this Christmas
I don't want my Momma cry
Just last year when I was only seven
Now I'm almost eight, as you can see
You came home a quarter past eleven
And fell down underneath
our Christmas tree

Mama smiled and looked
Outside the window
She told me son
You better go upstairs Then you laughed and hollered
"Merry Christmas"
I turned around and saw
My Momma's tears"

Alan Jackson

That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!

(Sufjan Stevens)

Going outside
Shoveling snow in the driveway, driveway
Taking our shoes
Riding a sled down the hillside, hillside
Can you say what you want?

Can you say what you want to be?
Can you be what you want?
Can you be what you want?
Our father yells
Throwing gifts in the wood stove, wood stove
My sister runs away
Taking her books to the schoolyard, schoolyard
In time the snow will rise
In time the snow will rise
In time the Lord will rise
In time the Lord will rise

Silent night
Holy night
Silent night
Nothing feels right

Sufjan Stevens

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