Thursday, February 11, 2010

What to do when Cupid shoots blanks!

Oh, Gilbert O Sullivan, the hair, the song. How I loved this song (still do). I listened to it over and over as I wallowed in self pity and fantasized about grand operatic death scenes. Climbing a nearby tower sounded pretty do-able. But being in Moncton, that wasn't possible as the highest tower would have been the NBTel tower on Queen Street (still is), a fall from which would have probably only resulted in a few broken bones and gravel scars - much too painful & not pretty.

"Seems like only yesterday, I was cheerful bright and gay.." Of course, he was speaking to me.

Thinking back, there were a lot of alone songs that I was pretty drawn to: "All Alone Am I" - Brenda Lee; "Mr. Lonely" - Bobby Vinton & "Only the Lonely" - Roy Orbison and many, many others.

Now, being alone is not the same as being lonely. I haven't been alone much in my life, but have been "lonely" more times than I would like to admit. So, I find solace in these songs much the same way that the heartbroken find comfort in listening to the blues or Marvin Gaye break up albums.

After reading Brian Cormier's blog about being single for Valentine's Day, Gilbert O'Sullivan's hit self-pity single came to mind. Then after tossing the concept of being left out on Valentine's Day I realized,
Hey, is that such a bad thing?

I mean, really. Do we need another hallmark day to quilt us into buying obscenely expensive flowers and chocolates? Or worse, lingerie that you really would rather not see your significant other modeling because it would snuff out any spark left in that romantic flame?

Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love, right. So let's start by giving ourselves a V-Day gift whether we are "alone" or not. As that goddess RuPaul says "If you can't love yourself, then how in hell are you going to love someone else!"

So to all you single ladies out there, pour yourself some champagne, spark up the candles, slide into a warm bubble bath and throw some "lonely" tunes on the turntable. (cd player doesn't make for good alliteration) - and give yourself some lovin'!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Miss Perfect...

...for Big Mr. Perverts???

WTF! I just saw a "teaser" for this series that evidently has started it's second season; "Little Miss Perfect". Is this like 1957?

I don't get it. This is a very American thing, dressing 5 year olds like lap dancers and watching them shake their booties and smile under more make up than can be found backstage at Cabaret Mado.

This couldn't get any creepier had they paraded young pre-teen boys in high heeled sneakers, bouffant extensions and gobs of glitter in a "Little Miss Drag Queen" contest.

The excuses the parents and producers give is that it builds confidence, it gives the little tykes pleasure, they meet lots of friends. Oh, and what I feel is the stage mom's hymn " because I never got too."

By and large, parents who enter these pageants are white, middle class and conservative. What liberal would roll back a century of feminist progress by dragging their kid all over the country and submitting them to this pressure and circus?

That many of the organizers and directors of these pageants are gay makes my want to turn in my ruby red slippers. "Get some fucking Barbie dolls!"

These are little human being we're molding here. Life is more than being pretty and smiling and learning how to kneecap your opponent for that tiara. Is this what American Family values is all about; the slutification of young girls.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Make your own kind of music

Listened to this on the Métro ride home. Heard the song a thousand times before but tonight the lyrics were very much at the forefront. Sort of like when you used to listen to the Moody Blues on pot.

I can't get John from couver87 out of my head. His youtube video was so raw and awakened feelings that I had long thought were buried in my past. I think that we've all been there at one time or another. And I don't think that he is necessarily in a depression because he voiced these feelings very publicly.

These are real issues. They are justified. And they don't represent internalized homophobia. But, I believe they represent a fear of being different and a longing to be "normal". Being normal is so much easier. Being lauded for having a girlfriend, wife, kids, frat party, tailgate party, etc would be very welcome. As would putting your arms around your lover at an outdoor concert in the park, or holding hands on a public beach or reaching over a restaurant table to give a kiss.
Who wouldn't want that - if they had a choice. But as John says, we don't. We can't change in spite of what the ex-gays movement may have us believe. so society has to change. Because we won't accept anything other than being accepted as equal.

I didn't set out to lecture. All I really wanted to do is dedicate this song to John and all of us who march to a different drum and sing to a different song.

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