Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Gays of Christmas - Fosse, Fosse, Fosse!

(Disclaimer - This song does not refer to my last year's stocking stuffers!)

The 12 Days of Christmas is one of those "love it/hate it" holiday tunes. It's been done to death both by interpretation and repetition.

We have the traditional versions I remember seeing on CBC each year that had live actors in Victorian costumes play out all of the gifts to the ever increasingly overwhelmed 'True Loved".  And of course there were the classic Bing Crosby and  "Prop 8" Tabernacle Choir versions.

In grade nine, I pantomimed the twelve days of Christmas as a solo; in a clown suit - Apologies to students and staff of King George School 1967.   I am so glad it was pre video.  However embarrassing, I remember it as being exhilarating and one of my earliest memories of having total uninhibited fun on stage. 

And speaking of uninhibited - have you seen this first video from last year - "The 12 gays of Christmas"?  Does anyone know who these dancers are? I would have loved to be part of this dance company. 

Why didn't we ever think of doing this? - we had the Fosse moves.  Every time I see this I think of David, my friend and stage partner who we lost in 1993 to AIDS. How he would have enjoyed it. Undoubtedly, he'd have me up on the floor recreating each hip thrust and ball change.

The second, more traditional version is performed by the King's Singers with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I'm not sure which interpretation is gayer.  If they removed al the gay contribution to this extravaganza, they'd probably end up being called the Mormon Tabernacle Quartet.

Honourable mentions: Straight No Chaser  and Bing Crosby with The Andrew Sisters versions.

Do you have a favourite version?  Do you know the lyrics? 

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  1. The Tabernacle, i think, was the victim of a vengeful gay music director. Being Mormons, and therefore being clueless, the Elders (or whoever's in charge) found this production gorgeous. But lets face it, this is way past camp, it's downright kitsch.


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