Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Vocalise

I'm a big fan of vocal groups. I followed The Manhattan Transfer' career since the early seventies when they were part of the 40's revival that had Bette singing "In the Mood" and the Pointer Sisters: "Steam Heat".

There are so many amazing Christmas songs done by groups small and large; acapella and accompanied that I don't know where to start selecting songs for today. So, I'll start with my favourite older group then choose one from a new group, Straight No Chaser, that I really enjoy. (Another YouTube discovery!)

Pass that pitch pipe and let's harmonize!


  1. underground x-mas agent12/12/10 13:01

    Ray: you're skating on very thin ice here with the frequency of subversive x-mas blogging. The in-house Grinchstapo os going to find out.... spies are everywhere! Tone down the joy if you know what's good for you!

  2. Santa's got my back! :)

  3. Nothing escapes the Grinchstapo...


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