Friday, February 25, 2011

Diana Day on Oprah!

My gal pal, Fanny has invited me over to her pad this afternoon to watch Diana Ross on Oprah. Knowing that I'm a huge Miss Ross fan, it was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Although Miss Ross has aged (haven't we all), she has done so well. Aside from a few unfortunate DUI incidences at airports and highways caused by that demon liquor, she has, for all her diva statue, remained remarkably sane. And I might add, after watching Cher in "Burlesque" still human.

This video from one of the Diana Ross and the Supremes host The Hollywood Palace shows a side of Diana that many people haven't seen. It's not the "Baby Love" or "I'm Coming Out" diva here. It's a very young Divette who, in a very rare moment for her, gives her total attention to her co-star on stage. You can see that she is totally in awe of Ethel Waters. As well she should be.

Ethel Waters was a legend. Her singing of Irving Berlin's "Suppertime" tears me apart every time I hear it.


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