Monday, March 30, 2009

Releasing My Inner Comicbook Nerd

Saw Watchmen this weekend and I liked it.

In spite of not being overly fond of the dark style that the comic book-based movies of late have taken; Batman, X-Men, etc, I found this movie to be visually stunning and truly thought provoking - I seem to be in the minority.

Many of the people I know that have seen it say they were confused. Without some knowledge base the whole comic form, I can understand where this would be a handicap, particularly with this movie.

All the themes are there; what is man's place in the universe, is humankind worth saving, what is justice?

But where most reviewers criticized its length and pop philosophy, I found that the way that director, Zack Snyder, captured Alan Moore's story and Dave Gibbon's visual style was impressive. He sets it in a cinematographic orgy of special effects, colour, textures and action.

If there's one thing that I would fault, it's that Mr. Snyder resorted to the all too common depictions of graphic violence and absurd martial arts displays that seem to appear in every movie of this genre. What makes it all the more obtrusive here, is that the "superheros" in this story aren't super at all. They're supposed to be human (other than Dr, Manhattan who was mutated by an nuclear accident). That was what made the original graphic novel so...novel.

here's the trailer...

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