Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stand By Me

I was just listening to Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap on CBC  (which I usually do Friday nights in the shower). His show was a repeat on the theme of "answer songs".  You know, when there is a huge hit and the producers want to milk it so the take what is basically the same song and have another singer sing refashioned lyrics to it.  Much like what Hollywood uses now as a formula for making blockbusters.

For example; Elvis Presley's "Are you Lonesome Tonight?", was answered by Dodie Stevens '  "Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight" complete with soliloquy bridge.  Another example that was very dear to my heart was Dee Dee Sharp's "Mashed Potato". I was eleven when I went to the Moncton Arena and saw her perform - live!   I was so excited that I must have worn out my shoes mash potato-ing weeks before the concert.  She answered her own song and made a hit out of adding a little "Gravy (On My Mashed Potatoes).

Then he played the huge standard. "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King and mentioned the YouTube video that has had nearly 20 million views.  Having watched it, I can understand why.  Seeing this song performed all over the world by such different musicians reminded me of the going away party I attended this afternoon at work.

Out General Manager, who also happens to be a very dear friend was leaving to start his own company.  As could be expected, there were plenty of tears and laughter as people reminisced about the last six years that he had lead the company. 

Looking around the room, there were a wide assortment of people present; managers, servers, administrators -  workers of all races and languages.  Listening to my friend give his farewell speech, I looked at each of the people in the room and  the "leader"  through their eyes.  I realized then, how much he had touched these people, his employees.  His is so loved because he is trusted.  He had gained that trust by listening to what they had to say and by standing along side of them when they needed encouragement and guidance.  That is what a leader does and that is what a friend does.

This is the quality that he will embed in his new enterprise and it will be the reason why it will be successful.

So, this song goes out to Daniel who I can always count on to Stand by Me.

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  1. Ray,

    What a nice testimony to a dear friend and a wonderful human being. I have been friends with Daniel for almost 25 years and have seen him sow the seeds of respect, trust and guidance. I know that these values will transpire into his business venture and will be the mark of his success. (And I feel privileged to be a partner in this new venture!)

    I believe that life puts people in our path to help us evolve and better ourselves. Having Daniel in my life has been a great inspiration because he is, among other things, genuine, artistic and brillant.

    And the friends he surrounds himself with are a testimony to who he is.



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