Monday, February 8, 2010

Make your own kind of music

Listened to this on the Métro ride home. Heard the song a thousand times before but tonight the lyrics were very much at the forefront. Sort of like when you used to listen to the Moody Blues on pot.

I can't get John from couver87 out of my head. His youtube video was so raw and awakened feelings that I had long thought were buried in my past. I think that we've all been there at one time or another. And I don't think that he is necessarily in a depression because he voiced these feelings very publicly.

These are real issues. They are justified. And they don't represent internalized homophobia. But, I believe they represent a fear of being different and a longing to be "normal". Being normal is so much easier. Being lauded for having a girlfriend, wife, kids, frat party, tailgate party, etc would be very welcome. As would putting your arms around your lover at an outdoor concert in the park, or holding hands on a public beach or reaching over a restaurant table to give a kiss.
Who wouldn't want that - if they had a choice. But as John says, we don't. We can't change in spite of what the ex-gays movement may have us believe. so society has to change. Because we won't accept anything other than being accepted as equal.

I didn't set out to lecture. All I really wanted to do is dedicate this song to John and all of us who march to a different drum and sing to a different song.


  1. Thank you so much. Your a doll. And your are correct...I am happy. I love my life. I have the best support system a gay man can have. Mwah. xoxo

  2. Good choice, I love Mama Cass, havent listened to her in ages - gonna go root thru massive heap of dvd's and dig something out!


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