Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keepin' it real - When being gay isn't so "fabulous".

I subscribe to John's YouTube channel, couver87. He's a young 22 yr.old student from Arizona who usually posts video blogs on general gay issues. However, tonight he speak from a very personal place and expresses what we don't hear often from gays; what it really is like to be gay and lonely in a society that reminds you every day that you are different and not as good as... Usually, this guy is Mr. positive; so this posting is all the more poignant. If you're think you might be interested, please watch and comment.


  1. Anonymous6/2/10 17:35

    wow. I cried. he is in so much pain. Here is what is interresting: I, as a straight woman, related to his emotions. His feeling of alienation. Of searching for someone, while hanging on to who I am. as an individual. Funny- how as a white, straight woman ( who is largely accepted by the society in which we live) still feels lonely, and not connected to anyone at times...and afraid I will never find it.
    But here is where it differs- and i get it- once, if, i find someone that gets me, without losing myself in them- well, i will be able to shout it from the rooftops, be able to kiss madly, deeply in a public square on a hot July day surounded by tourists, without anyone batting an eye. For that- I am grateful. and humble.
    Hang in there everyone- gay, straight, all of us lonely and searching- we are all connected and we will make it. Together.

  2. Anonymous7/2/10 09:36

    UGH! that is so brutal.... and painful..... and true...... we are slightly better off here in Canada - rights-wise, anyway - but there are still lots of places where it can be very uncomfortable to be who you are....... my heart goes out to him....



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