Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Miss Perfect...

...for Big Mr. Perverts???

WTF! I just saw a "teaser" for this series that evidently has started it's second season; "Little Miss Perfect". Is this like 1957?

I don't get it. This is a very American thing, dressing 5 year olds like lap dancers and watching them shake their booties and smile under more make up than can be found backstage at Cabaret Mado.

This couldn't get any creepier had they paraded young pre-teen boys in high heeled sneakers, bouffant extensions and gobs of glitter in a "Little Miss Drag Queen" contest.

The excuses the parents and producers give is that it builds confidence, it gives the little tykes pleasure, they meet lots of friends. Oh, and what I feel is the stage mom's hymn " because I never got too."

By and large, parents who enter these pageants are white, middle class and conservative. What liberal would roll back a century of feminist progress by dragging their kid all over the country and submitting them to this pressure and circus?

That many of the organizers and directors of these pageants are gay makes my want to turn in my ruby red slippers. "Get some fucking Barbie dolls!"

These are little human being we're molding here. Life is more than being pretty and smiling and learning how to kneecap your opponent for that tiara. Is this what American Family values is all about; the slutification of young girls.

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