Monday, June 8, 2009

And the Tony goes to...Billy Elliot!

That's Entertainment!

Last night’s Tony Award show was entertainment first, awards show second. The show was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris whose closing number made up for his being fairly low key for most of the show.

It was a rare night of live TV that saw incredible performances that were sometimes marred by annoying sound (mic) issues as well as the near decapitation of Brett Michaels. (He wasn’t seriously hurt.)

But that only added to the feeling that you were there. And really, the logistics of getting all those shows, with all the cast members on and off the stage in three hours must have been unbelievable.

All said, the whole point of televising the Tony Awards is to promote Broadway and last night they most certainly did. Others might disagree but I think CBS was right to tell the producers to up the entertainment quota and dole out less actual awards on air.

Most people don’t know or care about lighting design, but when they see a number from Hair, they just might watch enough of the show to want to see a live production. The more that happens, the more lighting designers get to work – and musicians, and actors etc.

The opening number was incredible. I especially liked the musical arrangement Tonight from West Side Story and Luck Be Lady, from Guys and Dolls.

Favourite show excerpts: West Side Story (Dance at the Gym) and Hair (Hair).

After watching the excerpt from Billy Elliott, I can totally see why there are three “Billy’s”. That was exhausting to watch let alone imagine doing.

And it was great to see the white knots everywhere.

Closing Number (In case you couldn’t stay awake)

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