Sunday, March 8, 2009

We'll Sing in the Sunshine

A beautiful pre-spring day in Montreal!
I just come across this song and it reminded me so much of going to Parlee beach in Shediac in the summer that I can smell the hot asphalt, the sand and saltwater. As I was about twelve when this song came out, I also,remember the gas fumes inside my dad's 59 Pontiac and having to make a few "ditch" stops along Old Shediac road.

I feel Gale Garnett is very underrated. Her voice was very sutry and sounded amazing singing folk, country or jazz. When I first moved to Toronto, the very first musical that I saw was Hair, and Ms. Garnett played the role of Sheila. This show made a huge impression on me and I've been a Musical Theatre Queen ever since.

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