Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gay Idol on American Idol?

The LA Times says that American Idol needs to open the closet door. Is it just me or is this season seem gayer than most. I swear I've seen Simon squirming in his chair a lot more. So what's with his obvious admiration for Adam, who at this stage is by far the strongest performer with the possible exception of Lil Rounds?

There has been a lot of rumours spinning around about Adam especially since this photos hit the web last week. It's not that it should matter whether he's gay or not, but if he is, it would be incredible if he was out. It would make a huge difference to those kids that Dustin Lance Black spoke of during his Oscar acceptance speech for best screenplay for "Milk".

I don't think this will happen. The reality is that the mainstream music industry is very homophobic, and coming out on a show that is all about tying up a record deal and being marketed to millions of screaming teen aged girls would take a set of balls that couldn't possibly be confined in the pants Adam was wearing last night.

But I will continue to watch and whether any of the singers are "out" or not, I'm sure that there are many young gays and lesbians out there whose gaydar is sufficiently developed to find their own "idols".

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