Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rockin' Chistmas – In the Old Fashioned Way

My first and best dance partner is my big Sister. We'd dance at the Sunnybrae Park dances, at the City Workers Picnic, or in the kitchen.  
Wherever there was a good jive beat and a shortage of boys who could or wanted to dance, I was there.  This would make me very popular with the girls later on. Not so much with the boys - well, some boys.
She taught me how to Jive and Mash Potato. And I'd show her the latest moves I picked up on Top Ten Plus, a local TV dance show modelled after American Bandstand.

These were two of our favourite early Christmas rock 'n roll classics. 
So move the chesterfield and salt the floor,
We're gonna dance around the tree until a quarter to four!

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