Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Ain't Over 'til it's Over - World AIDS Day 2010

About Dom Agius - Dom Agius is a photographer whose way with words frequently leads his images to unexpected places. He has been published by New Holland, Yatzer, The Pandorian and Time Out as well as Pridelife, Polari and Bond magazines. His work has been exhibited and sold in Zagreb, Rijeka, Melbourne and his hometown London. He is one third of electropop act Furiku who released their debut album Like A Freak in 2010. 

We are Bold.
We are Brave.
We are Stubborn and we are Strong.
We have been Red, Hot and Blue.
We are, on occasion,  All the Colours of the Rainbow.
We have too often been forgotten or mislaid as Invisible
But, my dear, Please Understand
We Are Everywhere and we are Not Going Away. 
You can talk of Genetics and Lifestyle Choices
While we are busy Living.
We will Work.
We will Dance. We will Love and Kiss, Laugh, Lust and Learn.
We will not be Unheard.
Sometimes we are Battered and Bruised but we will 
Be Beaten.
We Are. 

Remember those we lost to AIDS and respect those who continue to live with it. 
The fight isn't over.

I Talk Because....

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  1. Love the video of the Missing.


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