Friday, August 27, 2010

Gay Ex Power Ranger, David Yost: - "Why I Left."

That one of the Power Rangers turns out to be gay isn't all that surprising. Republicans and Christian Fundamentalists have lately been tumbling out of the closet like a gaggle of clowns from a mini-car.

David Yost is an actor who worked in an industry whose very existence depends upon armies of Dorothy's friends.

But Show Business in not "Mo" business.  Homophobia is rampant in Tinsel Town.  It's a place that feeds on then regurgitates stereotypes. It's a place where young male actors will exaggerate their machismo for fear of being thought of as a gay. This is especially important if they got their parts by "playing gay" on that ever accomadating casting couch.

What is shocking is that as recently as 16 years ago someone was brought to the brink of suicide because of being harassed for "perceived" sexual orientation. (He wasn't out even to himself) It's a story that resonates very intimately to me.

(from The Advocate)

“A week before I left the TV show I made a commitment to myself saying, “If I get called faggot one more time, I’m walking because I can’t handle it any more … Within a week it happened, and it happened from a higher-level person on the show.”
Saying that he spent the next few years seeing his sexuality as nothing than a negative factor in this life, Yost spent that time trying to “pray the gay away” saying he would call prayer hotlines for help but instead would time after time find himself being condemned for who he was.

Ultimately leading to Yost having a nervous breakdown, the actor spent  five weeks in hospital, but still ended up feeling isolated since his parents did not at this time know he was gay and so felt that it was something attributed to his lack of work.

Yost says he’s coming out  now because he's:  

“tired of hearing stories about teenagers still taking their lives and committing suicide because of who they are and not understanding that there are resources for them to get help.” 

This story is sadly another example of how the entertainment industry far from being a section of community most welcoming to the gay community can often be quite the opposite.

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