Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP Oil Spill Catastrophe in the Gulf - Current of Crisis

I really do try to move on and get past this, but the idea that thousands of litres of oil continue to pump into the Gulf of Mexico really upsets me. The fact that   the clean up is a mess up, exacerbates my feeling of helplessness as BP and Obama trade Pee Wee quips of  "I know you are but what am I"?

I hear of environmental disasters everyday.  I grew up playing on the banks of the Petitcodiac River!  I know that untreated sewage still pours into the St. Lawrence and Rivière des Prairies and there are a million other examples of how we're shitting in our bathtubs to be found all over the world.

But the disaster in the Gulf is monumental with environmental and economic repercussions that remain unfathomable.  The warm waters that I played in during my summers at Parlee Beach on the Northumberland Straight are heated by the Gulf Stream current.  Now this current may bring more than warm water up north.

So what to do?  Well, make your voice heard, put governments back on the environmental track; governments who too eagerly used the economic recession as an excuse to shelve or roll back their action plans. (Check out Environmental Defence Canada on Face Book)

To help us get through some of our darker moments here is a very funny satire from the UBCComedy folks:   (There's nothing like poking fun at the powerful to make us feel just a tad better, is there?)

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