Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We could use a little “Carol” right about now.

And I don’t mean the Christmas kind. Last night, Carol Burnett appeared in a guest spot on Law and Order: SVU. I had stopped watching that particular show some time ago as I find the cases, involving sexual abuse and other crimes that are “considered especially heinous’ too disturbing. However, as an avid fan, I couldn’t resist checking out the first lady of tv comedy. In case you haven’t watched it, I won’t spoil it other than to say that I couldn’t get ‘Norma Desmond” out of my head.

Also last night, I watch portions of American Idol. In spite of it being Grand Ole Opry night, I though at least half the contestants did a good job. I was especially impressed with Allison Iraheta who sang "Blame it On Your Heart.”

As for Adam who did Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” (but definitely not the Cash version) the judges were all over the map; from not having a clue what to make of it, (Kara) to the worst thing ever (Simon). I was blown away at this very Led Zeppelen-ish arrangement. His range is incredible.

Before there was American Idol there was The Gong Show, which brings me back to Carol Burnett. This episode reflects the genius of the show; it’s both funny and poignant. There have been few better depictions of crushed dreams. That it does this in the context of a sketch comedy is brilliant.

Carol Burnett Show- Eunice on the Gong Show, Part 1

Carol Burnett Show- Eunice on the Gong Show, Part 2

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  1. Paul Meunier-Collins18/3/09 19:29

    I LOVE Carol Burnett..... AND Nora Desmond.... catch me at Halloween! LOL!


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