Tuesday, March 17, 2009


TU THANH HA - The Globe and Mail -

“Sure, there was never a great love affair between Quebec artists and the Conservatives, but Heritage Minister James Moore initially made a good impression when he appeared on Tout le monde en parle, the popular Sunday-night talk show on the CBC's French-language network.

He spoke good French, said he was pro-choice andwas supportive of gay marriage.

Alas, host Guy Lepage then gave the minister a pop quiz asking him to identify various celebrities, mostly from Quebec. Moore recognized only three out of nine and was lambasted yesterday in Quebec newspapers and blogs.

Moore managed to identify Quebecor CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau, comedian Rick Mercer and singer Feist.

Among those he failed to identify were Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté, folk singer Félix Leclerc and playwright Robert Lepage.

He couldn't even recognize Atom Egoyan when given the clues that it was a filmmaker of Armenian origin whose film The Sweet Hereafter won eight Genies and was nominated for two Oscars.

"Quick, a catch-up class on Quebec culture for idiots," wrote Richard Therrien, TV critic for Le Soleil.”

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  1. Georges in Montréal17/3/09 16:55

    Well what exactly were we expecting from such a boor? Governements have to use the MPs that get elected, and it seems the electorate is fond of common folk, i.e. themselves. Unfortunately the standards keep dropping because people are becoming more and more ignorant of anything outside their tiny field of what passes for expertise. Couple that with our professional politicians, people who have never worked in the "real" world, and you've got a government with the world view of a horse with blinders on.


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