Thursday, March 5, 2009

Launching A Ray in the Life

The need to express myself, be it through personal journals, through chats with friends or rants about current affairs has always been strong. Unfortunately, my self discipline to actually follow through with a consistant method of doing this - not so much.

I am hoping that through this blog, I will regularly find a voice to my express my thoughts on life as I am living it, as I have lived it and as I hope to live it.

There are some specific things which I hope to address in this excerise:
I hope to explore my history and invite friends and family to fill in some blanks where they can. As someone who was raised in Moncton N.B., surely one of the most ignored areas of Canada, I carry with me a typically Canadian identity crisis.

I wish to share with the readers my interests in music, film, books and art in general because culture exists to be shared.

I want to make people aware that there is a danger in being complacent about the fact that we, in Canada are priviledged to live in a country that recognizes in law same sex rights. While there is much to be thankful for, there are tragically too many instances of violence and discrimination against the GLBT community here and abroad.

And finally, I hope that this excerise can be helpful in providing focus to my life as I filter my diffused thoughts and impressions through the prism of words.

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