Friday, November 19, 2010


Well, Remembrance Day has passed and unlike our US pals who kick off the official Christmas stress-a-thon on the 26th of November, we start two weeks earlier.

Americans start the season with a big Turkey dinner and bookend it with a big Turkey Dinner. Here in the gay white north, we're more creative. Some of us start by making out our Christmas card and gifts list. Some decide to do some interior sprucing up in preparation for the festive entertainment season.

At our home, we (meaning Georges) cleans out our pantry in preparation for making our annual gift to the Spirit of Christmas, past, present and future - Fruitcake.

 So, while I busy myself updating addresses and crossing off those who were naughty,  Georges is cranking up the cement mixer and dumping in the ingredients that will transform into both dessert AND Christmas gift.

While I was transferring the15 Gigs of Christmas music onto my iPod and deciding whether to go with the amber or coloured outdoor lights, I came upon this little ditty that I thought might amuse you and get you warmed up a bit for the bacchanal to come. You'll recognize the lead singer - well, if you're of a certain age.

The Superions - Fruitcake (Official Video)


  1. This is easily the most disturbing fruitcake video every created.

  2. Good 4 Nuthin'29/11/10 07:41

    "Cement Mixer" ... I love it! Cathy (the wife) is very much looking forward to the fuitcake!

    One organic gluten-free hypo-allergenic fair trade one for me please!

  3. Hey, Good 4 Nithin'! I'll add the order to our Grinchmas list.
    Its definately "BIO" and and organic - like fertilizer.:)


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