Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup Football - What ESPN Doesn't Show You

The World Cup is over.  Spain won.

Congratulations to South Africa for pulling it off even if I still  have those Vuvuzellas buzzing in my ears like an ear worm.

I've heard it said that Football (Soccer to we barbaric Americans & Canadians) is a substitute for war.  One Dutch women interviewed on CBC said that Holland was at war with Spain before, and now they are again.

These jocks do get worked up.  I think it would be a great idea to replace war with Football.  Maybe  someone could send the Taliban an email - uh, a papyrus thingy.  There's a few stadiums available in South Africa right now.  In fact, we have a place right here in Montreal.  If they play before winter we won't have to worry about MacGyver-ring  the new roof.

I suppose this whole rush people get when they watch sports must be some kind of evolutionary thing.  We no longer have the adrenalin pumping effect of hunting or being hunted by wild animals, or surviving Montreal weather in deerskin.  Sports allow us to vicariously live that excitement from the safety of our sofas where the only threat to our survival is that bowl of cholesterol and glass of poison we're consuming.

Now, I maybe fantasizing a bit here, but perhaps there are other reasons we're so taken by those fine forms in tight jerseys - just saying.

Tell me that's a football.

Think he'll notice if I look straight..ahead

Giving the team a boost

Game's about to start, be cool.

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