Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Update on Ogunquit "shirtless" Controversy

Just saw on Toweleroad this morning an update on the Main Street Bar controversy. 
MaineStreet Bartender
(From My Fox Maine.com): Normand Paquin, the owner of the gay bar Mainestreet in Ogunquit, believes a resident's complaints signal a feeling of veiled homophobia in the town.

Paquin opened a new deck with outdoor bar over the July 4th weekend. A resident reportedly complained about the visible liquor bottles and topless bartenders. Reports claim she requested that outdoor bartenders wear shirts so "children passing by don't have to be subjected to the type of image it portrays."

Paquin has complied with the requests, but believes incidents like this could portray Maine as a homophobic place and deter homosexuals from vacationing here. The bar received an outpouring of support Saturday night when hundreds of people showed up. Many of them were topless in support of the waiters.
It seems on the surface that it's much to do about nothing, but gays, especially in a state that repealed same-sex marriage last year, are a bit sensitive about perceived discrimination. I think the wound is still raw. It apparently doesn't take much to add salt to it.

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