Friday, June 18, 2010

She's Still Here ! Carol Burnett

"She's seen it all and my dear, she's still Here!"

There are many, many times I just want to belt out I'm Still Here!  And, pity Georges, I sometimes do.

Yes, the song is hammy and no one can out ham it more than Carol, but who hasn't at some point taken inventory of their life and marveled that they have survived?

I especially like this clip because I love seeing the process an artist goes through in preparation for a performance.  Carol seems so vulnerable when learning the material.  Then she becomes more and more the star that we know as she approaches the performance.

Its very much like watching dancers with new choreography.  They stumble, they swear from frustration then on the night of their performance, they own it. The choreography is absorbed into their bodies and becomes the language of their art.

For a really interesting profile of Carol and her new memoir, follow this link: This Time Together - Carol Burnett. 

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  1. Paul Meunier-Collins18/6/10 11:46

    She's always been a favorite of mine.... her book id great!


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