Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wake up North Americans - greed will always trump ecology and security.

How many times do we have to see such photos as these before we collectively shout:  STOP THE MADNESS!

Governments are there to protect us from external as well as internal threats that could comprimise our health, safety and security.

We've been talking about minimizing our dependence on oil since the seventies. But once the oil crisis ended and gas prices returned to their ridiculously low levels, all incentive was gone.  It seemed for awhile that the Global Warming threat was catching wind and western governments were tripping over themselves to initiate cap & trade and other systems to reign in our fossil fuel gluttony.

Then came the fiscal crisis and all bets were off - money poured from our pockets to bail out banks, trust companies and auto makers; the very people responsible for both the financial crisis and our dependency on fossil fuels.  Going Green was now seen as too extravagant - the timing wasn't right.. Only a couple of weeks ago, President Obama gave the green light to open up offshore drilling on the eastern seaboard.  This obviously was a strategy to gain some Republican support.  But at what cost?

Everything in politics seem expedient.  Our leaders don't lead; instead they plot strategies to win the next election or psss the next bill.

Ironically, the hunger for power in our public institutions and the hunger for money in our private ones, has cause untold damage to both our economy and our security.

Interesting clip of  Bill Maher as he slams Obama and big oil companies for the disastrous economic and economic situation in the USA.

Bill Maher Slams Obama, Oil Companies After Gulf Coast Oil Spill (VIDEO)

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