Saturday, March 27, 2010

Out in the Silence

The stories portrayed in this documentary, which I'm really looking forward to seeing, represent such an enviable amount of bravery and resilience against such a disgusting amount of hatred and religious hypocrisy.

The story plays out in many small towns and it's truly inspiring to see the conviction of self worth exhibited by people who are despised because the "visual" of what they do in bed is so repugnant.

Mirrors on the ceiling, anyone?

I've included photos from the films site: Out in the Silence

C.J. Springer was tormented at school because he is gay. Spring shot footage for the film, providing a painful glimpse into his very private suffering as well as needed comic relief from the antics he and his friends devised to entertain themselves in a quiet little town.

Diane Gramley, head of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, protests

Kathy Springer, an Oil City resident whose teenage son, C.J., was brutally tormented at school because he is gay, sought help from Joe Wilson after reading the wedding announcement in the newspaper.

Dean Hamer and Joseph Wilson's wedding announcement, published in the Oil City Derrick newspaper.

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