Saturday, January 23, 2010

Attending Anti Prorogation Demo in Montreal

Just got back from anti prorogation demo. I'm glad that we had one, given Quebecer's ambivalence about federal politics.

However, very disappointed with turnout and usual Quebec centric tone. For example, at beginning we got the usual cheerleading speech from the animator. He attempted to psych the crowd with cheers of "Nous sommes "Montréalais!" (crowd cheers); "Nous sommes Québecois!" (crowd cheers) - then he went on to give the parade route and set rules. I couldn't let that go so threw in a "Nous sommes Canadiens" (sound of one hand clapping).

There were more "No Tar Sands" placards than "Back to Work" ones. And of course we had the usual "Patriot" contingent.

All in all, I'm glad I went because it's important to make a stand. I only hope that the planned approximately 60 demonstrations taking place to day in the rest of the country as well as consulates in the US will draw more response and will manage to get some press coverage so that Harper will get the message that Canadians do care.

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