Monday, November 30, 2009


What happens when a "disease" becomes passé, when the red ribbons are replaced with a new colour? Why and when does this happen?

I'd like to think it happens because a cure is found and helplessness has given way to the hopefulness that such a scorge could never happen again. I'd like to think that this happens because death and suffering have ceased to affect victims and their loved ones. I'd like to think that this happens because HIV infection has become no big deal - that brothers can tell sisters, sons - mothers; husbands - wives. That workers can tell employers; that lovers can tell their partners and that they will react with hugs, not disgust.

I'd like to think that everyone will remember that December 1st marks World AIDS Day.

The greatest threat to eradicating this "pandemic" is apathy. Because people rarely die from HIV infection in the west, we have turned our attention elsewhere. HIV is, after all such a "messy" business: gay men, drug users etc..

Just as well that we don't have to watch those morbid movies anymore. Philadelphia was great and all but really; Tom Hanks? Thank god we didn't have to deal with him pulling an "Adam Lambert" with Antonio Banderas.

The result is that HIV infection is increasing both among gay men (young and older) as well as women. And in the developing world, it continues to decimate countries, economies and families.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video. It depicts loving gay parents who do what parents are supposed to do, teach their children about the world and by doing so, they are teaching the world what a real family is: LOVE.


  1. Surprisingly enough, for Hamilton at least, the highest demographic of those infected with HIV are recently divorced middle-aged white womyn....shows where our ignorance can take us.
    Too many young people think that this is something that could never happen to them because it only affects "queers" and "blacks", and this wouldn't be the case if parents, schools, and our govn't really put an effort and took the time to educate. Because, let's face it, one condom ad on the bus is just not going to cut it.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. You're right, there is a definite lack of political will to address this. And I'm afraid the wrong party is in power if we are hoping for a change.


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