Saturday, October 17, 2009

Singing and dancing with GLEE!

I Say A Little Prayer
– from GLEE

Yes, I admit, hubby and I are real big fans of GLEE. With singing and dancing football players, vulnerable, but bitchy cheerleaders, a way cool teacher, and a gym coach that made mine look like Mr. Rodgers; the show almost makes me nostalgic for those somber hallowed halls of Moncton High. Almost.

Now, you throw in some show tunes with a smattering of Burt Bacharach and you’ve got gay-bait written all over it. So it comes to no surprise that there are a lot of us huddling around the TV projecting ourselves onto those singing and dancing younger versions of ourselves or what had wished was us. If only life could just be a musical?

But it's not, Blanche, it's not. But we do have You Tube where we can all be Micky and Judy (look it up, kids); and put on our own show. So it came to no surprise that I should happen upon this little gem via Towelroad.

Now, for you straight friends, this may be a little scary. Not just because it’s so gay that it makes Perez Hilton look like Don Cherry, (actually , he does a bit, doesn't he?) but because these guys could be the blue collar worker than you passed along the street today (If that street was Ste-Catherine somewhere in the vicinity of Priape’s)

Now, I don’t know why all those religious type folk in Maine get their britches in knots over the fear that letting gay people marry will expose their children to corruption. Probably because the Catholic Church, who is spearheading the fight to roll back civil rights in our neighbouring state, has very intimate experience with exposing themselves to children, and as for corruption?.

In any case, one look at this video and you will see that we are not to be feared. Instead of stalking innocents and desecrating the sanctity of marriage, we are just as pleased as punch to go down to the family room and play with, uh, amoung ourselves. There now, feel safer?

I Say a Little Prayer – The “otter” version

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  1. Paul Meunier-Collins17/10/09 20:15

    hee hee I love it!!! and they're all cute too! Works for me! :)

  2. Great post Ray. Yep, kinda blows out the typical stereotypes. I want to take ALL three of those guys home with me!!! :-)


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