Sunday, October 25, 2009

Round every corner

Here's to all the good things that wait for us around the corner".

That was one of many toasts served up last night as we enjoyed the company of friends at a fabulous dinner party. It was an intimate affair, just close friends, good wine and lots of laughter. The perfect cure for a too long bout of "Oh, it sucks to be me, blues".

So maybe the secret to remaining positive is to not look too far ahead of that corner. Wait and see what's around it, deal with it if it's not what you expected or hoped for and enjoy it if it is. We seldom anticipate the crappy things that suddenly fall upon us; so maybe we can just assume that the good stuff will come as a surprise too. Why not?

Staying positive in the face of what happens around us is a gift.
And being around such people is a blessing because it really does rub off, a bit; at least temporarily.

I think that perhaps I just shouldn't care so much about things that I have very little control over. If things seem a bit depressing; hang in there - something better will come around the corner....

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