Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Art - a walk in the woods

Saugeen Land—Montreal

I very much enjoyed the exhibit that is now on at Le Méridien-Versailles in Montréal. The artist, David Gillanders loves playing with form and colour. The paintings evoke in me a sense of translucence as if looking at light from under water or through thick bottle glass.

I've included this excerpt from an article written by Mike Landry for "Things of Desire".

"Gillanders uses this vocabulary of paint to explore the question of perception. His latest series, Saugeen Land, concerns a walk he took through woods along Lake Huron. Working from video taken during the walk he’s created a series of small textured, rich-green paintings on paper."

“In everyday life our perceptions are decent but limited, and very often imprecise and imperfect. All those seperations between the original perception and the work of art contiribute to that imperfection let’s say. I want to make a picture that is in a sense distinct but is interrupted in some way. The precision of it is undermined. So if the thing is blurred or fragmented it’s a way to disrupt your understanding of the thing, and this [new work] is just another type of disruption."

Saugeen Land will be on display until Sun December 6 at Le Méridien Versailles-Montreal in Montreal.

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