Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rain! Rain! Rain!

I envy Gene Kelly. Of course, it took a new love to make him use a rain storm as an excuse for a big dance number. If I could find that kind of inspiration, I would readily burst through the front door and tap my way up and down the street. But without Debbie Reynolds, torrential rainfall is just, well..wet!

This summer in Montreal it even pours when it's sunny. How's that for just being mean. When the gods do look kindly down upon us and pours a little sunlight and heat down upon us, it seems some vengeful bitch decides we're being spoiled and turns the taps on.

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day. Hot, sunny and lots of street decor to ponder. The countless festivals taking place (This is Montreal where every block in the city has some festival squatting on it.) were happy, thousands of folk were buying pricey beer and getting sunstroke.

Then today, well I awoke to a light drizzle that evolved into a torrent that in turn, continued throughout the day. Then the sun came out. It was dry just long enough to walk our Ruby (see album on left). Just as we re-entered our abode, and with the sun still shining, a wall of rain descended upon the earth.

I give up. I will go about my life like a scorned lover and ignore the weather. It doesn't matter, I wasn't counting on a nice day anyway. So there. I shall take my umbrella everywhere I go regardless of what the morning radio weather guy says (he must be witness protection by now.).

Maybe, just maybe I'll get over it. Maybe I will rise above this and, like Gene, laugh in the face of clouds in the sky; kicking up my heels and twirling my umbrella until some cop or very friendly stranger stops me.

Until then, fuck you, rain.

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