Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My, how mainstream media has changed.

Apart from cable, SNL or Mad TV, could this performance even make it past censors today on network TV? If it did, you can bet that there would be outrage form the "family values" crackpots.

Was just listening to an interesting interview on one of my favourite CBC shows, Q with Jian Ghomeshi where he was speaking to a couple of media pros about the legacy of Bea Arthur. The topic revolved around the premise that the groundbreaking coverage of controversial topics as abortion (Maude) and ageism and gay rights (Golden Girls) could not have been done today. That the famous abortion episodes from 1972, predated the rise of conservatism and Christian political influence in American society.

You can listen to this episode as well as past ones here: CBC Q pod casts.

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