Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There is hope...

More on Arthur Laurents. (from Towerload)

Mo Rocca delivers a thorough interview of 91-year-old Arthur Laurents in the context of his revival of West Side Story on Broadway. In addition to plenty of rehearsal and show footage, they also sit down to discuss his reputation for being mean, Barbra Streisand, and his late longtime partner Tom Hatcher.

On his 52 year relationship with Tom Hatcher who passed away in 2006 he says:

"I had the most marvelous life that anybody could have with another person - that I’m proud of. That’s an achievement - ‘cause most people quit on each other, and we never did. "


James Neiley - young gay hero.

And another inspirational story form a guy on the another end of the age spectrum,17-year-old James Neiley from Charlotte, Vermont, where on Monday, the state senate vote passed the same-sex marriage bill 26-4.

The bravery and maturity that this young man displays is as fine an example of "family values" that I could ever imagine. It's obvious by both what he said and the method he chose to say it, that James has had the utmost support of his family.

His words should be heard by all, friends and bigots alike; but most of all by those young people out there that feel they are worthless because their country, their churches, their schools and their families say they are.

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